Dec 15

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“Will you be my Best Man when we grow up?”

How many best friends ask this question when they are young?…..probably quite a few.

Boys talk about all manner of things amonst themselves, but never in the presence of ‘girls’ or their parents!

Often honest and frank, boys have a clear imagination, seldom uninhibited in their thoughts.

When the time comes in the future for the ‘big day’, and the promises of the past are honored, having a well prepared best man’s speech is key to the speakers success.

We all know boys, as well as men usually hate writing speeches. To assist the best man with expert help we suggest using professionally written speeches, that you tailor to your circumstances.

You can find out everything you need for Best Man Speech success here.



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Dec 11

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So your best friend has asked you to be his best man? Of course you accepted! 

You wouldn’t want to let him down now…

But inside, hiding behind the excitement, is a building fear of standing up and speaking in public.

Worse still, you hate writing speeches! 

Ever since school, the compulsory “prepare a speech then stand in front of your classmates and deliver it” was nerve wracking, especially as some of them poked tongues at you along with making other rude gestures….

It’s great to know there is a handy solution available, that uses the skills of a master speech writer, who has compiled his most popular and successful best man speeches in an “easy to use” downloadable guide.

In less than 10 minutes, you could be choosing the speech that “says what you want to say”.  Edit it to your circumstances and you’re away laughing!

No more sleepless nights worrying about what to say, or what if I miss something important out.  It’s all covered.

You can find out more about Dean Brown’s “A Good Speech”-Best Man Guide here.

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