Funniest Best Man Speech

0 Funniest Best Man SpeechA really funny best man speech by Ollie at our wedding.

Duration : 0:4:14

[youtube 7YWMVXh-wFs]
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25 Responses

  1. waseldo Says:

    English people have …
    English people have a great sense of humour. Love them for it.

  2. Nobodynous Says:


  3. angelique13jones Says:

    I didn’t find the …
    I didn’t find the speech that outstanding, but the man himself got my attention.

  4. mawel1955 Says:

    Just love the …
    Just love the accent.

  5. JeffersonDinedAlone Says:

    Marriage? Run… …
    Marriage? Run… like… hell…

  6. DonSnowly Says:

    English people have …
    English people have a great sense of humour. Love them for it.

  7. armstrongtessie Says:

    might be better if …
    might be better if he memorized it, would not be so obvious he googled every word?

  8. purecerebralassasin Says:

    awesome speech man! …
    awesome speech man! loved it!

  9. kimblemar Says:

    na zdravje…..
    na zdravje…..

  10. popomczowzow Says:

    @ollielarkin …
    @ollielarkin because he’s looking for entertainment

  11. in0eterminacy Says:

    Crap, i can “borrow …
    Crap, i can “borrow” a lot of the material, but how will mine be any good without an English accent?

  12. martinloego Says:

    You have to at …
    You have to at least try and do something new. I gave it a go. See my vid.

  13. JuneLeanna Says:

    It was okay.
    It was okay.

  14. Modog27 Says:

    Classic speech …
    Classic speech Ollie. Very impressed. Check this one out its well funny———–>

  15. glynners39 Says:

    nearly everyone is …
    nearly everyone is round the other side of the room

  16. MrAndyRowell Says:

    have a look at my …
    have a look at my effort, just type “the boys in america: andy’s speech”

  17. shemoo1991 Says:

    If i’m your best …
    If i’m your best man, then why are you marring her?

  18. Pooshooter5k Says:

    oo this is good im …
    oo this is good im going to use a bunch of this.

  19. weddingspeech4u Says:

    He Did a great Job..
    He Did a great Job..

  20. charissecoal Says:

    jerry seinfeld! 1: …
    jerry seinfeld! 1:40-1:43

  21. NaYarB04 Says:

    subtitles please
    subtitles please

  22. kafutunga Says:

    I thought it was …
    I thought it was good. I mean I think calling it corny is alright because he even has a disclaimer in he beginning stating that these jokes are used often and somewhat predictable. I personally could not do any better.

  23. armyboy54b Says:

    Ah man, the best …
    Ah man, the best speech! Thanks, lol I’m going to borrow a few things from it, wedding is coming up July 30th. Lol.

  24. VivaLaHamer Says:

    0:39 someone there …
    0:39 someone there are Poilish or Rusian ?:D:D:D za zdrowie!!!!!

  25. cwgreene11 Says:

    @TehWinnerz you’re …
    @TehWinnerz you’re a douche bag